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Environment-friendly, aqueous type release agent

FP Flat(Aqueous)


 Aqueous type and even higher safety against fire.
(Not corresponding to hazardous materials under fire protection law of Japan)

Contain little amount of oil-component and even more energy saving than hydrous type release agent. (Reduction of crude oil consumption, reduction of CO2 emission=Environment-friendly) 

Milky white ~ Light yellow liquid

Coat stock solution on to pattern by spray etc. in small amount uniformly.
Coating is in principle every time but intermittent coating is also possible.

Read out safety data sheet thoroughly.
(Caution for storage) Avoid to leave it under 0°C due in danger of freeze.

Related regulations
Not applicable to poisons and deleterious substances control act of Japan,
Hazardous materials, Ordinance on the Prevention of Organic Solvent and PRTR.

200L/Steel drum 18L/Square can

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