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Application purpose

Release agent for casting

Mainly for casting release agent for various molds.
By coating to mold at time of molding, smooth demoulding becomes possible.

Surface stabilizer for casting

Mainly for casting, surface stabilizer for green sand mold.
By coating to green sand mold after demoulding, heat insulation and stability of mold can be kept.

List of Product

Product category Purpose of usage / Product features
Release agent for green sand mold

There are two types. One is hydrous /aqueous type with higher safety against fire. Another is universal oil type.

Release agent for cold box

Silicon system release agent
There are solventless type and solvent type.

Release agent for shell mold

Water soluble silicon system release agent

Release agent for fran

Quick drying and milky white semitransparent type release agent

Release agent for lead casting

Release agent for lead alloy die casting.
Water soluble concentrated type

Surface stabilizer for green sand mold

There are water soluble type and solvent type.