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Lubricant for press working

Used when punching, bending or drawing by making pressure to metals.
Facilitate molding resulting in elongation of mold life.
Available types are , one is quick drying and no remaining coal after heat treatment. Non-washing type without affecting ABS resin. Type without affecting nonferrous metal (copper system)

"Concerns" to fix Here’s Solution!
  • Want have non-washing type pressing oil.
  • Want to have pressing oil which has seldom effect to resin (ABS).
Punch 358
  • Want to have pressing oil with high lubricity and non-chlorine type.
  • Want to have pressing oil which will not affect nonferrous metal (copper system).
Punch 2325
  • Want to have non-washing type pressing oil for coiling.
  • Wish to reduce seizure at time of coiling.
Punch 2616