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Application purpose

Lubricant for hot forging

Suppress adhesion to the mold and facilitate molding resulting in elongation of mold life.

Lubricant for press working

Used when punching, bending or drawing by making pressure to metals.
Facilitate molding resulting in elongation of mold life.

List of Product

Product category Purpose of usage / Product features
Lubricant for cold forging

Oily lubricant with excellent lubrication property .
By means of spray coating method which reduce lubrication treatment step tremendously, you can coat in small quantity even for difficult-to-make products.

Lubricant for hot forging

Used when making products by hot forging.
There are two types, one is white system without showing stain and another is graphite system with high lubrication performance.

Lubricant for press working

Used for punching press work or coiling work.
Available types are , one is quick drying and no remaining coal after heat treatment. Non-washing type without affecting ABS resin. Type without affecting nonferrous metal (copper system).