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You can select type which meet to shape and application of workpiece.

Other Line Up(4Standard Types)

Butch barrel Series

・Easy handling of light weight small article
・Possible to handle large quantity
・Possible to handle multicommodity
・Bruise measures is possible
・Automatic switch of barrel lid

(L 9m x W 2.2m xH 3.5m)




Spray Series

・No bruise
・Pin point coating is possible
・Treatment tact is short
・No dispersion

(L 1.8m x W 1m x H 0.8m)




Conveyor Series

・No bruise
・Possible to handle multicommodity
・Uniform layer is possible
・Extremely small stains

(L 4m x W 0.8m x H 1.8m)




Continuous rotating drum    Series

・Easy handling of light weight small article
・Possible to handle large quantity
・Possible to handle multicommodity
・Shortening of treatment time
・Easy maintenance

(L 5m x W 1.5m x H 2.3m)



※We can arrange other type as well such as simplified test treating machine.

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